First phase of Vaitarna sawmill completed

The first phase of Vaitarna (Guyana) sawmill has completed is this article the company tries to clarify a past article.

They say that they are not using only the infraestructures to export logs, because Out of 11,464 m3 log sales in 2014, local sales were 5,705.26 m3 and exports were […]

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World War I: Bush men and sawmillhands required

In World War I, all sides used posters as tools to mobilize their populations for the war effort. This poster by an unknown artist appeals to men with logging and sawmill experience to join a new military unit being formed in Canada. In 1916, the British government asked the […]

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Russian sawmill on sale

RusForest sold its Arkhangelsk sawmill and related pellet mill, as well as for all of its forest leases and harvesting companies in the Arkhangelsk region for a total of approximately $31 million, including all outstanding debts.

The company said the sawmill was outdated and required significant investment for modernisation.

See more […]

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Japanese carpentry timber joining techniques

Japanese carpentry is famous for the elaborate joining techniques that put their wooden buildings among the most durable in the world.

This technique is called “Joinery”. Joinery involves the creation of interlocking joints of timber that match together.

You can find more info about this timber joining technique here:

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Nyamar, Timber exports in to US reach 300 Tones

As the article says they sell less amount of timber to United States than to European Union, but they pay better.

It also say that Timber exports to the US must be environmentally friendly and corruption-free, that is a very important Timber exports to the US must be environmentally friendly […]

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Book: Money Logging: On the Trail of the Asian Timber Mafia

The book investigates one the biggest environmental crime of our times: the destruction of the Borneo virgin rainforest by Malaysian loggers. A lost paradise lost because of a few’s greed.

Sustainable use of the timber is the only way. We all have to be aware and put pressure on goverments […]

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Ladysmith sawmill reopen, 85 back at work

We are glad to anounce that Ladysmith sawmill reopen, due to new orders from China. 85 workers go back to work.


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Timber craftsman

We found this amazing site about a craftman from New Zealand who makes timber objects: fornitures, toys, decoration stuff, made of radiata pine and other renewable timbers.

We also found in this site that he made a wooden rocket toy to raise money for a children’s hospital, we haven’t […]

Increase in timber sales improves welfare in EC County

This article shows how timber plays an important role in the economy of many rural areas, thanks to an increase in timber sales last year the Eau Claire County can develop and improve county’s infrastructures.

Timber industry may also give employment to this counties: jobs related with sawmills, truck […]

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Home Repair Pushes Timber Harvest Increase

The US timber market is expected to rebound after a increase in the demand because of an improve in construction market.

This is a good new for local economies and will help to reduce unemployment.

In Spain we suffered a big drop of the demand after the explosion of the housing […]

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