Maderas Pascual is a spanish sawmill involved in the production of Radiata Pine timber solutions, with a capacity of 50,000 m3 per annum and an export-oriented output to the European, Asian, and Middle Eastern markets.

Since 1942, Maderas Pascual has built its successful business through sustainable resource management, innovative manufacturing initiatives, engaged employees and strong relationships with customers and suppliers.

The skilled and conscientious team at Maderas Pascual strives to offer customers products that are manufactured with care and delivered on time.

Maderas Pascual is always attentive to customers’ needs and fine-tuning its processes to meet their requirements.

Since our objective is to achieve the best possible response to current and future customer’s expectations, we tailor our products to your specifications:

• cross-section
• length
• wood quality
• machining
• finish level

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We work hard to respond to your needs, placing at your service the expertise which enables us to offer a wide range of solutions.

Thanks to our location, a land where radiata pine is perfectly adapted to the environment, we can offer an unbeatable raw material. This fact together with the continuous investment in technology explain the excellent finish and quality of our products.